IT Integration

A GSM / GPRS modem provided with an RFID reader associated with the active tags while interacting with a data analysis software is the best solution for monitoring humidity and temperature.

Simple and effective, this solution also has the benefit of being geolocated and have an alarm system. Alarms are managed based on ranges of use. Its parameters are easily editable depending on the type of stored equipment.
All values retrieved in real time on the EBV servers will be exploited by site in a graphic form easy to consult.

This system also has the advantage of being open and upgradeable for future applications such as the efficiency of dry air groups or air conditioners. It can also help prevent the maintenance in case of failure.

Articulated around active Tags (RFID chips) that emit an identification number for each equipment, a database will be filled via a GSM / GPRS modem. This system will allow to locate each piece of equipment and to always know the humidity and temperature of each room equipped with RFID sensors. With the GPRS, the monitoring will be permanent and users will have the information continuously and in real time.
The EBV software will be specifically designed and developed to manage the entire park. The database will also manage the alarms when thresholds are exceeded. EBV will retain the data according to the specifications set in advance.