The Company

EBV puts people at the heart of its values, and resources in synergy.

We combine human skills, techniques and technology to bring you relevant and effective solutions.

We demand excellence internally and with our partners to ensure an even more responsive and effective service, and ensure a constant and irreproachable level of service.

Thanks to the Internet and new technologies, we develop internationally to export our expertise and respond effectively to the needs of our international clients.

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Since 2001, EBV provides answers to issues for organizations of all sizes and in all sectors. EBV control a wide range of innovative solutions and adapts to the specific needs and objectives of each client.

Expertise, experience and sense of service: EBV uses its know-how at the service of companies and institutions to facilitate and expand their business.

EBV philosophy

“The man and his safety must be the first concern of any technological adventure.”
Albert Einstein

For EBV, the technology should not have the progress for sole objective. That’s why innovation must bring concrete solutions in the service of man and his business.

For this, EBV technologies aimed four clear objectives:
– Facilitate a field or office mission.
– Communicate the right information at the right time.
– Develop a technical solution locally or deported.
– Optimize the work safely.